b.home is the best. We have worked with them on several projects in different houses and their work is perfect. They have a great way of understanding the look you are describing and making that come to life in a way better than you could have imagined. It is a very collaborative process where you share your ideas, visions and budget and they bring their best ideas, vision and budget until you decide exactly what it is you really want. They do a great job of designing something that makes your house your home and not just a nice stylized room by a designer. They are great with space planning and seeing the true potential that exists if you just have a little imagination and trust b.home to do what they do best! We have used them several times and will continue to do so and would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a top designer for your home. 

-- Nicholas B. 

"Oh My Gosh! I LOVE your Home!!!" are the words that are exclaimed when visitors come into our residence. We have received numerous compliments from friends, family, and visitors when they step in through the doors. Tracey Butler was able to completely transform our residence from the original structure, dated ~1910 to the fashionable and modern chic design that we have today. The house was one of the original structures that was constructed when Essex Fells was founded and developed by the Philadelphia Drexel brothers. The original residence was one of the dozen Center Hall Dutch Colonials that was the prevailing design at the time.
Tracey was able to work with the original house plans and work with the architect to make the creative changes to the house and work with the town for permits and zoning approvals. She was able to re-use furniture and fixtures and "spend where necessary". We were amazed that she was able to leverage and re-use our own personal items so that the spending was focused on only the items that absolutely needed replacing and generated the most bang for the buck.
We are extremely pleased with Tracey's work and her ability to generate a grand design. She is absolutely amazing with her passion and ability to transform a room, home, and make things uniquely your own. We highly recommend Tracey and her ability to transform your home into something that you can feel proud of. 
-- MS

We renovated our entire house, and Tracey was instrumental in seeing a structure and layout beyond our imagination (and that of the architect). She created flow by opening up areas that we didn't see, she is a master at utilizing space and she has vision like no one I have ever worked with. Her style sense is unmatched with a flair for cozy, uncluttered and timelessly modern.

-- Karen E

We purchased our home in 2013 at which time Tracey came highly recommended to assist us in redesigning and refurnishing the entire home. She exceeded our expectations in every way and created a completely comfortable, relaxing and warm environment for our family.
Her designs and space planning were exquisite as was her use of lighting. Tracey recommended removing a wall in order to create a spacious, beautiful living room, eliminating a small unnecessary library. She moved an outside entrance to the kitchen to the other side of the room which made the flow perfect and which also gave us a new hall closet.
The kitchen was gutted and she worked from inception to completion with our contractors, selecting all flooring appliances, countertops, lighting, mirrors and wall coverings. She redesigned the entire flow of the home and selected all lighting fixtures, tiles, rugs, art, wall coverings, drapes and colors for just about every room.
We have received an untold number of compliments on her modern and personalized work. She was and continues to be a pleasure to work with.
-- Barry and Ronnie Gardiner


Tracey at B.Home interiors is in my opinion the best choice for interior design in Northern New Jersey. Tracey just "knows" what is stylish and current but not trendy and brings that wisdom and attention to detail to all of her projects. No two projects look the same and there is always a special little nugget in each room that makes it unique and personal.

-- Casey T.